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Based in the heart of the world, the country of mountains NEPAL, we are a small company with a passion for sustaining our planet in realistic ways. Our goal is to enhance the capabilities of everyone in our supply chain by paying higher wages than rewards.

We only choose high-quality, environmentally friendly fabrics and dyes in the entire series. We believe that supporting the hemp cultivation industry will have a ripple effect on our incredible planet.


As long as the natural fiber is a sustainable and fully biodegradable resource, the use of natural fiber will have no impact on the environment.

Sourced from the locally available elements found in nature. Crafted by thousands of years of old technique with a modern touch, with sustainable resources and totally Eco friendly of course. 

In the era of increasing automation, our mission is to make interpersonal relationships the core of the business. This is why we want to build a place where creativity can survive and flourish because it is powered by people.

We help our seller community turn their ideas into successful businesses. Our platform connects them with millions of buyers looking at the native culture of NEPAL.

more about us: @grayano09


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