Bhir Maha / Mad Honey / Magic Honey

Bhir Maha / Mad Honey / Magic Honey

Touched by the cold air from the tallest mountains of the world. Just beneath the mountain line lies a pure, powerful, and potent product that has helped people win wars, has solved various diseases, and boost individual's immunity over centuries. With a mystery of its own, Mad Honey aka Bhir Maha in Nepal, has been a treasure to the people with its ability to treat hypertension, anxiety, stomach ailments, and migraines.

It is also believed that it increases sexual performance. Its psychedelic effects can make you feel light-headed, numb, and relaxed when consumed in more than the recommended measure. Mad honey is advised to be consumed only a teaspoon before breakfast in 24 hours; more than that will make you trippy and hallucinating. This sensation is due to a neurotoxin compound called Grayanotoxin, which is found in rhododendron nectar that bees feed. Not all rhododendrons contain Grayanotoxin in nectar.

Only two to three species out of 700 species of rhododendron found worldwide contain Grayanotoxin in nectar and are found in countries like Turkey, China, Nepal, Myanmar, New Guinea, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines & North America. However, the most famous and pure source of Mad Honey is in various mountain ranges of Nepal.

Harvesting Nepali Mad Honey

Mad honey has been traditionally harvested by local people believing this honey to be a medicine. Over centuries people have used it to treat hypertension, anxiety and improve sexual performance.

Due to the high density of rhododendron foothills of the Himalayas region, flowers grow in these regions in outcropping like swarth, thus keeping bees away from the nectar of any other flower avoiding contamination. This, in turn, results in pure and potent honey different from other countries where the Rhododendron density is low and may not be of pure quality.

Hunters of Nepali Mad Honey 

Mad honey is seasonal harvesting usually done twice a year from the foothills of the Himalayas. It has been harvest by an indigenous tribe called "Gurungs". The knowledge and benefits of honey harvesting are passing from generation to generation among these Gurung people. It is still unknown to many people in the country that this honey exists.

 People still Harvest mad honey in Nepal in the traditional way without any honey harvesting shield or proper safety standard. They usually hang themselves down the cliff with just a heat shield made of old ragged mosquito nets and locally made ropes made from bamboo. The technique includes creating smoke from green leaves from the bottom of the cliff to the top to ward off the beehive. Smoke from the leaves makes bees disorientated which is the best time for hunting. Easy. The Honey Hunting culture is in serious trouble due to a lack of human resources and the market. They are refer to as “The Honey Hunters”.

Intoxicant of Grayanotoxin

Mad Honey in Nepal is famous for a neurotoxin substance that makes people hallucinate - The Grayanotoxin. Mad Honey from Nepal contains more Grayanotoxin as compared to any other country. Because of its 100% purity and raw, it can be more costly than other honey in the market.

Mad Honey Nepal has various health benefits. It is effective for joint problems, sore muscles. Mad honey Improves cholesterol levels, helps to prevent cancer and heart diseases. Nutritional values: Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Vitamin C, calcium, amino acid and many more.

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